Launching in November 2021, ThunderRacer is a brand new play to airdrop crypto gaming project that is part of the Thunder Ecosystem adding on to the already existing Thunder Run project.
ThunderRacer and all its entities are decentralised and, on a mission, to bring crypto to the average sit at home gamer to influencer the new wave of play to airdrop, competitions and PVP leaderboard rankings to the forefront of our crypto community! Built entirely to accommodate use on Binance Smart Chain for fast transactions and minimal fees. Chad decided tax tokens weren’t to his liking so designed ThunderRacer’s Governance token $RACERR to have minimal tax (6%) in BNB, which is designed to be used for buying back our governance token at a set time with weekly occurrence, in order to fund the distribution of token airdrops to our top players, whilst not to mention boosting our token price and stability in the process. All of this is encapsulated within the team’s vision of building one of the most sustainable, interactive and fun gaming project ecosystems the chain has ever seen!
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